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Special Offers and Greetings from Camp NaNoWriMo Sponsors

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Special Offers and Greetings from Camp NaNoWriMo Sponsors is a forum that was added to the Camp NaNoWriMo category of the NaNoWriMo forums in 2013 in order to better accommodate the growing number of Camp NaNo Sponsors. Like its main event counterpart, it features posts from staff detailing out the sponsor's offer. Occasionally, a sponsor will have an account of their own to respond to questions in the thread.

Forum Description

2013-2015: "Info about the special deals our good-looking and charismatic Camp [year] corporate sponsors are offering to Wrimos. Questions about our sponsors' offers? Post 'em here!"

2016: "Questions about the offers our helpful and adventurous Camp sponsors are offering to Wrimos? Post 'em here!"

Topics and Threads

Threads for each Camp NaNoWriMo sponsor are posted here by staff (usually lead forums moderator Heather Dudley.) New threads by participants are not allowed here and will be locked and/or moved. Due to its position near the top of the forum during the off-season, this forum was a popular victim of the 2014 spam attacks.

Sponsors for Camp NaNoWriMo 2015 included Scrivener, BookBaby, Pronoun and Inked Voices.


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