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The USA/VA/Winchester region includes the city of [http://wikipedia.org/wiki/Winchester,_Virginia Winchester, VA] and surrounding area. It is near the [[Region/USA/VA/Northern|Northern VA Region]]. It has 267 members. In 2013, the Winchester region wrote 1,549,339 words.

==Municipal Liaisons==
The current ML is [http://nanowrimo.org/participants/thelonephotographer thelonephotographer].

In 2013, Winchester held a NaNo Kick Off - Writer's Night Write In & Movie Lounge, encompassing alternate hours of writing and a movie to rest the brain.

==Online Presence==
In addition to their [http://nanowrimo.org/regions/usa-virginia-winchester Region] page, Winchester has a [http://www.facebook.com/WinchesterNation Facebook] page.


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