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Soundtracks & Music

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Soundtracks & Music (formerly NaNo Soundtracks until September 2019) is a forum for discussing music. It is located within the Helpful Resources forum as of September 2019. Before that, it was located in the Resources & Writing Support forum category. The Soundtracks & Music forum was created in 2003, and its forum description has not changed in that time.

Here Wrimos can find soundtracks for novel writing, the theme song for a character, and more. Participants share playlists and Youtube videos most commonly, but also use the forum for finding music they haven't heard before, or music-related websites they haven't yet experienced.

Wrimos can also request songs to fit specific scenes in their novel, as well as discuss specific musical genres or artists.

Forum Description

"From polka to punk, music is the most powerful writing stimulant available without a prescription. What CDs do you rely on for writing inspiration? And what are your characters listening to?" (2003-present)

Topics and Threads

  • "What are you listening to?" Also, "What are you listening to right now?"
  • "NaNoWriMo CD Swap"


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