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Script Frenzy winner icons

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A Script Frenzy winner Icon is one of the tangible prizes one received after winning Script Frenzy. It, along with the Winner's Certificate, has been offered as a prize since Script Frenzy's inception (and earlier for NaNoWriMo. This page displays all the Script Frenzy winner icons by year.

See Script Frenzy participant icons If you're looking for participant icons for other events, see Participant icon or Web Badge.

Note: When saving a specific page, click the icon to go to the page and get the full-sized icon. Not all of these icons are displayed here at full size.

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Scripfrenzy2007 winner icon 120x90.gif Scriptfrenzy2007 winner icon 120x240.gif


Scriptfrenzy2008 winner icon 120x240.gif Scriptfrenzy2008 winner icon 120x90.gif Scriptfrenzy2008 winner icon 100x100.jpg


Scriptfrenzy2009 winner icon 100x100.png Scriptfrenzy2009 winner icon 120x240.png Scriptfrenzy2009 winner icon 200x200.png


Scriptfrenzy2010 winner icon 100x100 day.png Scriptfrenzy2010 winner icon 120x90 day.png Scriptfrenzy2010 winner icon 120x240 day.png Scriptfrenzy2010 winner icon 100x100 night.png Scriptfrenzy2010 winner icon 120x90 night.png Scriptfrenzy2010 winner icon 120x240 night.png


Scriptfrenzy2011 winner icon 100x100.jpg Scriptfrenzy2011 winner icon 120x240.jpg Scriptfrenzy2011 winner icon 120x90.jpg Scriptfrenzy2011 winner icon 180x180.jpg Scriptfrenzy2011 winner icon 180x360.jpg


Scriptfrenzy2012 winner icon 100x100.png Scriptfrenzy2012 winner icon 120x240.png Scriptfrenzy2012 winner icon 120x90.png Scriptfrenzy2012 winner icon 180x180.png Scriptfrenzy2012 winner icon 73x73.png