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Religious & Spiritual

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Religious & Spiritual is a genre of fiction with some form of belief or faith in a higher power at the forefront.

The Religious & Spiritual genre forum was one of the original genre forums created in 2003 for writers of religious fiction. It was originally named Spiritual & New Age before religious fiction was added in. The forum gained its current name of "Religious & Spiritual" in 2019.

Note that this forum is not for discussing religion (or lack thereof) in general. That discussion is better suited for Outside the Box (or Finding Your Crew if you're looking for like-minded folks).

Forum Description

"Whether you're writing inspiring religious fiction, or an exploration of spirituality, this is your home to ponder the meaning of it all." (2015-present)

"A light-filled place to ponder the meaning of it all." (2003-2014)

Topics and Threads

  • Sub-genres include: Christian fiction, Luciferian literature, Muslim fiction, mythic fiction, paganist fiction, New Age


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