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The USA :: Utah :: Salt Lake County region has been around since at least 2002, the first year that regions were presented with forums on the NaNoWriMo site. Originally, it was just the "Utah" region, but the first ML for the state was in Salt Lake City, focusing attention and events there. By 2005, the state was split up, creating the SLC region.

As of 2018, SLC has had eight different Municipal Liaisons, mostly working in pairs: Beth, Chris, Banai, Kaitlyn, Ike, Mona, Cassidy, and S.J. Each ML, except for the first, joined as a co-ML. Only Beth and Banai have held the position as soloists. Ike was the first ML-in-training for the region. And 2013 was the first year to feature a trio of MLs, with 2018 as the second year of an ML trio.

In 2008, the region voted and adopted the name the Rocky Mountain WriMoose. Chocolate and Fred, two stuffed moose cared for by the MLs, became the mascots. They attended most events. Tasty joined them in 2014, Moose-ster at the end of 2015, and Cinnamon at the start of 2017.

In 2012, the Salt Lake City region was renamed to Salt Lake County, to better describe the region's actual coverage. The SLC region also welcomes nearby participants from Davis and Summit Counties, and other neighboring areas, who would technically be in the Elsewhere region.

Municipal Liaisons



Regional History

  • Our traditional Kick-Off location of The Pie began under Beth's reign as ML. 2012 was the first year where we overfilled the patio. The Pie has served us for Kick-Offs and sometimes TGIOs and Half-Way Parties over the years.
  • Saturday write-ins at the City Library were initiated by Chris in 2006 and ended in 2014.
  • Our Facebook page was created in October 2010, replacing an earlier group, which was created during forum downtime (probably the previous year).
  • We found our TGIO location, Legends Sports Grill, in 2011, and continued there until 2016.
  • Friday and Saturday Write-Ins at the cafes of Harmon's at Bangerter Crossing and City Creek both began in 2013.
  • We began having our Last Chance Write-In at Village Inn in 2012, first on 400 South, then moving to Redwood Road in 2015 after Hunter Library Write-Ins.
  • Hunter Library joined as a Come Write In location in 2014, beginning our new affiliation with the Salt Lake County Library system.
  • Our Half-Way Party at The Pie began in 2014 with a convenient CWI write-in scheduling from South Jordan Library. 2017 moved to The Pie in Midvale to follow the Whitmore Library Write-In.
  • We finally found a new home for our Kick-Off party at Kafeneio Coffeehouse in South Salt Lake beginning in 2015.

Regional Statistics

Year Winners Members Homed Active w/Word Count Collective Words Time to 50k Time to 1 Million Remarks
2003 22
2008 500* * before November
2009 435
2012 2600+* 714 18 million * before November
2013 239 1027* 20.6 million 1:38am, Nov 1 just before midnight, Nov 1 * 415 Active on Oct 31
2014 275* 5761 4803 976 781 20.5 million 1:38am, Nov 1 (~500 Active) by midnight, Nov 1 (650 Active) * 263 Validated
2015 270* 6490 5513 1067 847 21.6 million by 1:34am, Nov 1 (551 Active) 11:23pm, Nov 1 (746 Active) * 257 Validated
2016 233* 7205 6196 1030 804 19.2 million ~3:45am, Nov 1 (579 Active) around midnight, Nov 1 (700-ish Active) * 225 Validated
2017 274* 7874 6845 1058 908 20.6 million 2:04am, Nov 1 (578 Active) before 10:55pm, Nov 1 (804 Active) * 228 Validated

  • 2014 statistics here originally stated 962 active homed, 771 with word count, 266 winners. New numbers come from the regional CSV provided to MLs.
  • 2015 statistics here originally stated 1073 active homed, 848 with word count, 272 winners. New numbers come from the regional CSV provided to MLs.
  • 2017 began the month with 7616 members and 6598 homed on November 1.
  • 2018: 981 novelists; 19,623,861 words written; 20,003 average wordcount

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