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"Forget school, we write novels! ...And also we do school sometimes, because otherwise we would get kicked out and then have no wifi. Welcome to the region for the 5-college area, not just 5-college students. Come one, come all!"

The USA :: Massachusetts :: 5-College region serves the five college area in western Massachusetts. Colleges include Hampshire College, Amherst College, Mt. Holyoke College, Smith College and UMass Amherst. You don't have to be a student to join!

Regional Stats

  • 2014: 178 novelists; 3,488,397 words written; 19,597 average wordcount
  • 2015: 144 novelists; 2,551,258 words written; 17,717 average wordcount
  • 2016: 138 novelists; 2,531,938 words written; 18,347 average wordcount
  • 2017: 153 novelists; 3,206,060 words written; 20,954 average wordcount
  • 2018: 132 novelists; 2,748,018 words written; 20,818 average wordcount
  • 2019: 173 novelists; 66 winners; 4,642,781 words written[1]
  • 2020: 63 novelists; 1,544,367 words written; 24,514 average wordcount[2]

Municipal Liaisons


  • no ML (2020)



  1. Totals from the NaNo Stats Generator, using the 2019 non-public Word Count API. This data includes everyone who has joined the region (not necessarily homed) but excludes projects not associated with the NaNoWriMo 2019 event, including word counts across multiple projects.
  2. Sent from NaNoWriMo HQ, February 2021. Consists of active homed participants who created a NaNoWriMo 2020 project.

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