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The Mexico :: North is the second-largest region in Mexico, with 2700 members as of January 2019. As of April 2020 its welcome message reads "¡Bienvenido! Si te gusta el desierto, el calor, la carne asada y todos esos arquetipos mexiconorteños, ¡estás en casa!"

A past welcome message read "¡Bienvenido! Si eres del Norte, ¡estás en casa! Si eres del Sur... ¡También te amamos! Aquí todo esta permitido. No en el sentido físico-cuántico, claro. Eso sería incómodo." Another past welcome message read, "¡Bienvenidos! Si son del norte, o incluso del sur, ¡este es su lugar! Aquí todo esta permitido (siempre y cuando cumpla con las reglas de NaNo) ¡así que no sean tímidos!"


  • In 2012, the North region wrote 3,709,358 words.
  • In 2013, the North region wrote 2,774,345 words.
  • 2014: 207 novelists; 2,614,618 words written; 12,631 average wordcount
  • 2015: 200 novelists; 2,793,953 words written; 13,969 average wordcount
  • 2016: 220 novelists; 3,528,372 words written; 16,038 average wordcount
  • 2017: 249 novelists; 3,899,901 words written; 15,662 average wordcount
  • 2018: 305 novelists; 4,598,333 words written; 15,076 average wordcount
  • 2019: 203 novelists; 57 winners; 4,572,933 words written[1]
  • 2020: 177 novelists; 3,097,130 words written; 17,498 average wordcount[2]

Municipal Liaisons


no ML (2020)


  • quidec (2014-2019)
  • paolap (2013-2016, 2018-2019)
  • Other past MLs are unknown. Add them here if you know them!


  1. Totals from the NaNo Stats Generator, using the 2019 non-public Word Count API. This data includes everyone who has joined the region (not necessarily homed) but excludes projects not associated with the NaNoWriMo 2019 event, including word counts across multiple projects.
  2. Sent from NaNoWriMo HQ, February 2021. Consists of active homed participants who created a NaNoWriMo 2020 project.

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