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Europe Regions
Austria - Belgium - Bulgaria - Croatia - Czech Republic & Slovakia - Denmark - Elsewhere - England - Estonia - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Iceland - Ireland - Italy - Jersey - Latvia - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Malta - The Netherlands - Northern Ireland - Norway - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Scotland - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Ukraine - Wales

France has had multiple official regions since 2015.

France Regional Directory

The Former Europe :: France Region

Regional Stats

  • 2014: 1,817 novelists; 39,344,485 words written; 21,653 average wordcount

Municipal Liaisons of France until 2015

French NaNoWriMo Plot Devices

The French wrimos use all of the global plot devices: such as the Traveling_Shovel_of_Death, Mr._Ian_Woon, Plot_ninja. They also invented a few ones.


The Gator is the mascot, an alligator, of the french group. The idea was to incoporate the world "Gator" as a nanowrimo reference in the novel. It could take any form, as the name of a shop, the material of a purse, a god, a pet, could be a lizard, a reptile or a real alligator. The important thing is that the spririt of the Gator is with you while writing


Brian appeared recently (2013-2014?) in the French nanowrimo forum. it's a character with a american name who is so handsome, with a lot of sex-appeal. All others characters have fantasms about him. It's a cliché about the hot guy who knows he is hot