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Europe :: Austria is a NaNoWriMo region for the country of Austria. It was part of the early Europe :: Germany and Austria region until the region split. The region is also known as NaNÖ (the Ö stands for "Österreich", the Austrian word for Austria).

Most events in this region are held in Vienna, the capital of Austria, but there are also events in Linz, Innsbruck and some other cities.


The region Austria was created in 2010, previously it was a part of Europe :: Germany and Austria. Because of the regions' common history Austria and Germany often do region word wars against each other.

Regional Events

Kick-Off Party

Bim-Write-in: Writing on a tramway ("Bim" is a Viennese dialect word for "tram")

TGIO-Party: Usually the TGIO-Party is held in a Karaoke-Bar

There are also several other Write-ins hosted in various coffee shops

Regional Stats

  • 2014: 332 novelists; 8,414,975 words written; 25,346 average wordcount
  • 2015: 376 novelists; 9,891,547 words written; 26,307 average wordcount; $415.00 donated
  • 2016: 402 novelists; 9,579,192 words written; 23,828 average wordcount
  • 2017: 392 novelists; 10,102,102 words written; 25,770 average wordcount
  • 2018: 424 novelists; 10,230,922 words written; 24,129 average wordcount

NaNÖ running gags

There are crab smilies like njojn (sad crab), YiviY (happy/cheerful crab), fioif (astonished crab), etc. The outmost letters denote the scissors, then come the eyes and the middle letter denotes the mouth. It all started in November of 2010, in the Austrian NaNo-Skype-Chatroom: Participant Spiegelfaenger just random-lettered in a half-desperate attempt to inspire herself. The outcome was "njojn" - and upon taking a closer look, she figured that njojn looks a bit like a sad little emo crab.

A popular thing to do at write-ins is the so called "Pub-Brawl" where Wrimos, who want to participate in the brawl, change their laptop with somebody else and write 500 words there.

Erwin is a character that appears in many Austrian NaNo-novels - he is a sad guy who cries a lot. He was created during a pub brawl but then turned into some kind of regional dare.

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