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Predrafting, the first step of the writing process, is anything the author needs to do before he drafts his novel. This can include outlining, research, character sketches, or even setting up your desk just way you like it for writing. Wrimos normally predraft during the month of October.

Authors vary in how they prefer to predraft. Some like planning, others like pantsing, and some prefer plantsing. Planners typically have a solid outline, plotline, character sketches, research, and spread sheets before they go into drafting. Pantsers typically only have a vague idea of what their story will be about when they start, and write "flying by the seat of their pants." Plantsers are the middle ground, claiming to be neither planner nor pantser, yet in essence being both.

In the NaNoWriMo forums, there are several resources for predrafting, such as the Reference Desk, where you can ask research questions, Plot Doctoring where you can fill in plot holes and gather plotting ideas, Appellation Station, where you can find help for naming characters/locations/props/your book, Character Cafe, for all of your character needs, and the Adoption Society, where one can find "adoptables" that they can use from other people who have abandoned their book/prop/character/line/epidemic ideas.