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Pillow Fort

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The Pillow Fort is a NaNoWriMo forum for anyone with a disability or mental or physical challenge (sometimes known as neurodivergents or spoonies). It was created in September 2019 and lives within the Finding Your Crew forum.

Before this forum was created, Wrimos posted in several places: individual threads in the Writing Groups and Clubs or their age group forum, in the Mental Health Happy Hour thread (over in NaNoWriMo Ate My Soul), and even in the Coffeehouse. Mental Health Happy Hour in particular was a very active thread that could become hard to navigate during November.

In August 2019, when the then-new NaNoWriMo site was still in the preview stage, Heather Dudley posted a thread requesting names for this forum[1]. Moderator Elyndra suggested Pillow Fort, originally not intending it to be a serious suggestion. It received the most votes in the poll.

The Pillow Fort forum became an affinity group in mid-2020, and members must request to join.

This forum is not for Wrimos to ask writing research questions about specific disabilities and challenges. Those questions belong in Reference Desk or Personal Experience.

Forum Description

This is the home for Spoonies/Neurodivergents/Anyone with a disability or mental or physical challenge that affects their lives. (September 2019-present)

Topics and Threads

  • Assorted threads for disabilities and challenges



The global moderators (September 2019-present)


See the above list of global moderators for any past moderators


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