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Other Genres

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Other Genres was the catch-all genre forum for discussing novels that didn't fit elsewhere. The forum was added in 2003 for the novels that didn't fit in the other genre forums created that year. It was replaced with the Genres forum in 2019 when the new Discourse software supported subforums. Then each genre gained a subforum within the Genres forum, with the top-level Genres forum becoming the new Other Genres.

Forum Description

"For those who answered "none of the above." If you can’t find your niche elsewhere, have we got the forum for you!" (2015-September 2019)

"For those who answered "none of the above." (2003-2014)

Topics and Threads

  • Examples include: surrealism, metafiction, epistolary fiction, and genre mashups/interstitial fiction.


Current Moderators

none, as this is a former forum

Former Moderators

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