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Outside the Box (forum)

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Not to be confused with the former Outside the Box container category.

The Outside the Box (formerly Off Topic until September 2019) forum is devoted to any discussions that don't belong in any other NaNoWriMo forum. While there are many NaNoWriMo forums on the site, there are also many things for Wrimos to discuss, not all of them having to do with writing. In fact, some of the non-writing discussions are the most-remembered ones.

The Outside the Box forum is one of the original NaNoWriMo forums from 2002 (though it was named Off Topic at the time), though its scope has changed since its inception thanks to the founding of new forums. Games such as Word Association were posted to Off Topic as well as How to Procrastinate Effectively in the early forum days until the latter was renamed Games, Diversions, and Other Exciting Forms of Procrastination forum between 2004 and 2005. Off Topic also became a destination for general NaNoWriMo discussion until the founding of the All-Ages Coffee House in 2008.

Off Topic has bred popular threads such as The Disturbing Thing About Urinal Cakes, many of the original games now found in the procrastination forum, and dares (now found in Reaching 50,000). The Velociraptor thread founded in 2019 also lives here.

The Outside the Box forum is a top-level forum and contains five subforums: Gamers & Gaming, Fans & Critics, NaNo Rebels, Script Frenzy, and Classifieds.

Before you post a discussion to the Outside the Box forum, think to yourself: Is is about NaNo? If it is, it's not off topic and is better suited for one of the many other forums on the site.

Script Frenzy also had an Off Topic forum that is similar in nature. It was moderated by Dragonchilde.

Forum Description

"The free-associative posting place for whatever's on your mind." (?-2003-?)

"Because it doesn't fit anywhere else." (?-2012-September 2019)

"Nothing is Off Topic anymore! If it doesn't fit anywhere else, then this is where it goes! If it's not writing related, then here's your home!" (September 2019-present)

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