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NaNoVideo was a video podcast that ran from 2009 to 2012 as a continuation of WrimoRadio. It began as a project to show the National Novel Writing Month community what life was like inside the Office of Letters and Light headquarters and to provide tips for the noveling experience.

Script Frenzy director Jennifer Arzt produced and directed the 2009 videos, while Eva Moss served as co-producer/camera/editor. The actors of the video usually also write the scripts.

The NaNoVideo theme music is "Bandoneon Acorazado" remixed by DJ Malente. Graham Dobson designed the NaNoVideo logo.

Toward the end of October and throughout November, the NaNo staff also included NaNo-related videos from participants when posting the NaNoVideo episodes on the website. Participants showed variety in their videos: they wrote songs, gave advice, told stories, and celebrated victory. During 2009 and 2010, donors at certain levels were also given a shoutout on certain videos.

NaNoVideo was retired after the 2012 season. The NaNoWriMo staff moved their video efforts to Youtube at that time and started taking advantage of Youtube's live streaming feature, which has been useful for virtual write-ins.


See List of NaNoVideo episodes for a full list of episodes organized by date.

NaNoVideo forum

NaNoVideo had its own forum for discussing the videos. It was removed in 2014 due to being a popular spam target.

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