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National Novel Editing Month

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National Novel Editing Month (or NaNoEdMo) is a monthlong timed artistic challenge in which participants edit for fifty hours in a month. It was founded in April 2003 at nanoedmo.org, where it ran until 2006 [1]. After the founders moved on to pursue non-NaNoEdMo things, a group of Wrimos decided to revive NaNoEdMo before March 2007 and did so at nanoedmo.net. The nanoedmo.net version ran until 2013. After a hiatus in 2014, the event relaunched at nanoedmo.com, where it has run every March since.

During NaNoEdMo, participants may edit more than one work of fiction and may edit a non-NaNoWriMo work. Editing is defined as changing previously written material, which can be anything from correcting grammar to substantial rewriting. Planning and research do not count toward the fifty hours.

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