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NaNoWriMo theme

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This article discusses the annual NaNoWriMo themes. For other uses, see Theme.

The NaNoWriMo theme is an idea or topic that centers a yearly NaNoWriMo event's merchandise and graphics. The theme also guides NaNoWriMo's messaging and the names of merchandise items in the NaNoWriMo Store.

While the earlier years of NaNoWriMo primarily used the yearly theme for the changing participant icon designs, the theme eventually extended to its current reach of messaging and merchandise, especially after NaNoWriMo became a nonprofit. This helps gives each year a distinct theme while retaining the overall NaNoWriMo feeling.

NaNoWriMo themes

  • 2002:
  • 2003:
  • 2004: Forest animals writing novels
  • 2005:
  • 2006:
  • 2007:
  • 2008: Viking helmet, shield, and NaNoWriMo deconstructed. Originally designed as a 10th anniversary design, this theme accidentally created the official NaNoWriMo logo.
  • 2009: Noveling Machine
  • 2010: NaNoWriMo board game, with monkeys and socks
  • 2011: Batyisms, featuring quotes from NaNoWriMo founder Chris Baty, and NaNoWriMo as a vacation destination with "Greetings from NaNoWriMo" icons
  • 2012: Venn diagrams of NaNoWriMo and its components
  • 2013: The 8-bit Novel, inspired by 8-bit video games
  • 2014: The Boundless Novel, inspired by Victorian-era steampunk, collage, and imagination
  • 2015: The NaNoWriMo Library
  • 2016: Your Novel. Your Universe: Outer space and exploring your imagination
  • 2017: Superpowered noveling: Superheroes and answering the superhero's call to your novel
  • 2018: NaNoWriMo Is...: Quotes from Wrimos featuring what NaNoWriMo is to them, from the silly to the serious
  • 2019: Your novel, anytime: Time travel, while keeping in mind that time travel is not pleasant for everyone.
  • 2020: Finding your novel and inspiration in the most mundane places

Camp NaNoWriMo themes

  • 2011:
  • 2012:
  • 2013:
  • 2014: Bring Your Stories to Light, with lots of candle imagery
  • 2015: Get Lost. Write: featuring the Creative Compass
  • 2016: Where Creativity Grows: The Creativity Garden
  • 2017: The Creatures of Camp NaNoWriMo, featuring the search for the elusive Storysquatch
  • 2018: Your Creative Backpack, featuring the creative and quirky camping supplies writers carry
  • 2019: Your Online Writing Retreat
  • 2020: Taking your story to new heights, with lots of papers floating in the air imagery
  • 2021: Your story starts here, featuring design inspired by public transportation, particularly the New York City subway system.