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NaNoWriMo HQ

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This article refers to the physical NaNoWriMo headquarters in Berkeley, California. If you're looking for the non-profit, see National Novel Writing Month (nonprofit).
The office as seen from the outside, November 2011

NaNoWriMo HQ is the office that the NaNoWriMo staff call home. It is located in Berkeley, California, next door to Sweet Adeline Bake Shop. The two share a common back garden area.


When NaNoWriMo was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2006, one of their first steps was to obtain a physical office, as opposed to running NaNo out of coffee shops like they did in previous years. The first office was located in Oakland with Tim Lohnes (who had won the first six NaNoWriMos) and his cartography company.

In 2010 NaNoWriMo moved to its current location in Berkeley.

The first floor

The first floor contains:

  • Two window corner nooks, often decorated with posters and a desk.
  • A waiting area for visitors
  • Desks for everyone working there
  • An intern station
  • A bulletin board with a nice collection of tacks
  • Past NaNo and Script Frenzy posters on the wall
  • A painting of Tom Selleck
  • A plaque showcasing Donation Derby winners
  • A microwave and coffee maker with past winner's certificates on the wall and running hot water
  • Voldefridge the refrigerator
  • A storage area under the stairs containing past and present NaNo merchandise
  • A bathroom
  • A tree

The second floor

The second floor contains:

  • A couch and coffee table often seen in virtual write-ins
  • A conference table and chairs
  • A bathroom, with past Winner's Certificates hung on the wall
  • A bookshelf containing books about writing and books by published Wrimos

You can also look down and see the first floor, along with everyone hard at work.

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