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Panel from "Dec 1, 2014"
Author Errol Elumir
Website nanotoons.com
Current status / schedule Daily in November
Launch date September 2000
Genre(s) Writing humor

NaNoToons is a webcomic inspired by NaNoWriMo created by Errol Elumir.

It runs daily during the month of November and follows the life of a fictional set of characters as they attempt to do NaNoWriMo. Each year of NaNoToons also features a large storyline within the context of writing a novel in a month (for example, attending Night of Writing Dangerously in 2014).


2008 - NaNoToons was created by Debbie Ohi for her inkygirl.com site

2009 - NaNoToons was put on the NaNoWriMo site in 2009.

2010 - Errol joins Debbie and they co-authored the webcomic together.

2011 - Errol takes on NaNoToons. Edits with Victoria Anisman-Reiner

2012 - Debbie joins Errol for another co-author

2013 - Errol takes over NaNoToons again with Victoria as the editor.

2014 to present - Kari Maaren helps Errol edit the NaNoToons

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