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Mystery & Thriller

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Mystery & Thriller is a genre of fiction in which a crime or other problem has been created and it's up to the main characters to solve it.

The Mystery & Thriller forum added in 2003 for problem-solving (and problem-making) writers to discuss the art of writing mystery and thriller. It was originally named Mystery in 2003 before eventually gaining the name "Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense". The forum gained its current name in 2019.

Forum Description

"The butler invites you into this forum where the mystery writers are gathering to find out who-done-it. He has announcement to make: only one of you will leave..." (2015-present)

"Where mystery writers gather to find out who done it." (2003-2014)

Topics and Threads

  • Sub-genres include: detective fiction, mystery fiction, legal thriller, medical thriller, political thriller, spy fiction, psychological thriller, techno-thriller, noir, suspense


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