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Mess Hall

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The Mess Hall is a NaNoWriMo forum for Wrimos serving in their nation's military. It was founded in 2007 as the Military Lounge and retired in September 2016 due to low activity. After feedback from the community, the forum was restored as the Mess Hall (since the site did not allow re-creation of a forum by the same name).

Forum Description

"The NaNo version of a USO lounge. Well, we don't have any performers for you, but here's a cozy little spot for our American Military members stationed at home or overseas to hang out." (2007)

"For military members stationed at home or overseas." (2008-2014)

"Whether you’re on active duty, serving overseas, or a military spouse writing while your SO is deployed, we have a haven for you right here. Thanks for your service!" (2015-present)

Popular Topics and Threads

  • A reminder not to ask questions about the military in this forum, as it is a space for military members to convene.
  • At some point a Wrimo often comes in and thanks the military members for their service. This post is typically welcomed.

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