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ML Appreciation Day

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ML Appreciation Day is a staff-created yearly observance created to show Municipal Liaisons how much they are appreciated for what they do. Its 2016 observance is on November 17.

Celebrating ML Appreciation Day can happen in several ways. If you live in a region with an ML and see them at events, thank them in person. Hugs, high fives, and buying caffeine are all optional but also good ways to appreciate your ML if they're open to such things.

You can also start or post to a thread in your regional forum thanking your ML for what they do. Someone usually creates a thread in the Shoutouts or All-Ages Coffee House forum on ML Appreciation Day, where Wrimos can post their thanks.

See also the ML-created Staff Appreciation Day.

Past dates for ML Appreciation Day

  • 2015: November 12
  • 2014: November 22
  • 2013: November 16
  • 2012: November 16
  • 2011: November 22
  • 2010: November 19
  • 2009 and previous: November 8