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List of writing mobile apps

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There are lots of writing apps for your phone out there.The following list is by no where complete but hopefully this will give you some ideas and apps to be looking out for. The list below is organized by the app's type or purpose.

Purpose of app: To keep track of word count:

1. Writeometer: (Android) a free app that reminds you to write each day, set timed writing sessions, creates its own unique reward system (in the form of guavas), and by logging in your word count for the day the app will give you total count and how much you need to write to be on time.

Purpose of app: To work as a word processor

1. Evernote: (Android/iOS) a free app to a certain extent (there is a premium that allows you to have more storage) that essentially works as a word processor where you can write documents, jott down notes or ideas. By using Evernote, you can access all of your work through multiple platforms due to your work being saved to the cloud.

2. Hanx Writer: (Android) a free app that mimics a typewriter.

Purpose of app: To assist in brainstorming

1. Simple Minds: (Android/iOS) a free mind mapping app that allows you to brainstorm and store a thought pattern. You can sync your maps across phones, tablets, and computers.

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