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A like (or like button) is a feature on the NaNoWriMo forums used to show that you like, appreciate, or support a post. The like button was introduced on the NaNoWriMo forums in 2019 when the forums moved to Discourse. However, the like button in general predates the NaNoWriMo forums and was popularized with other social media sites, particularly Facebook.

Before the NaNoWriMo forums moved to Discourse, one of the most popular requests in the Suggestions & Feedback forum was for a like button, increasing in popularity each year. In 2017 and 2018, replies similar to "I wish there was a like button so I could like this" became popular.

Your likes are visible to other Wrimos and are visible by clicking the "Activity" section of your forum profile. Also, each post shows which Wrimos have liked it.

Likes and Trust Level

The maximum number of likes you can give in a 24-hour period are as follows[1]:

  • Trust Level 1 (Basic): 500
  • Trust Level 2 (Member): 750
  • Trust Level 3 (Regular): 1000
  • Trust Level 4 (Leader): 2000

If you reach the maximum number of likes in a 24-hour period, you will not be able to like any more posts until you have liked fewer than your limit in the past 24 hours. Unfortunately the wording in the message you see is confusing, so the solution is usually to wait awhile before liking a post.

Wrimos who have reached this limit jokingly refer to this as being in Like Jail. There is a Jailbird badge for achieving this badge, though it must be assigned manually in the Like Jail thread.

There is no limit for the number of likes you can receive beyond the practical limits of one like per person per post.

Giving and receiving likes play a small role in advancing to Trust Level 2 and Trust Level 3. To reach Trust Level 2, you must give at least one like and receive at least one like. To reach and maintain Trust Level 3, you must give at least 30 likes and receive at least 20 likes over the past 100 days.

Forum-Specific Uses of the Like Button

  • In the Bug Reports forum, liking a post serves as a "Me Too", indicating that the issue also affects you.

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