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Laptop Loaners

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Laptop Loaners was a NaNoWriMo program that provided loaner laptops. It began as early as 2002 with Brent Searcy as the head laptop librarian.

Wrimos wishing to acquire a laptop from the Laptop Library had to pay a deposit fee via check and provide identification, as well as pay for shipping the laptop back to the NaNo staff. The deposit check was voided and returned to the Wrimo upon receipt of the laptop.

The laptops were usually old, sans Internet access, and had to be plugged in, but they contained the essential things needed to complete NaNoWriMo: a word processor, external storage access, and a usable screen and keyboard.

Because demand for the loaner laptops often exceeded supply, the NaNo staff were very picky about who received them. Recipients were all but officially required to finish 50,000 words in November or risk the wielding of Guilt Monkeys.

In 2008 Alphasmart donated a set of new Alphasmart Neos for computerless Wrimos. The selection and distribution of these Neos was similar to the Laptop Loaners process.

The Laptop Loaners program appears to have ended before the 2009 event.