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LGBTQIA+ is a forum for Wrimos in the LGBTQIA+ community to chat about anything LGBTQIA+. It was created as LGBT+ in September 2019 and gained its current name in June 2020. It lives within the Finding Your Crew forum and is an affinity group, so Wrimos who identify as LGBTQIA+ (including those who are questioning or unsure) must request to join. Nonmembers will not be able to view the forum.

When the LGBTQIA+ Fiction forum was created as LGBT+ Fiction in 2016, it also served as a social space for Wrimos in the LGBTQIA+ community. Before the creation of the genre lounge (and even after), almost every age group forum contained an LGBTQIA+ thread, which became popular and made discussion hard to follow.

The letters in the forum title are not meant to be complete, as terminology changes regularly. Wrimos who identify as queer, nonbinary, intersex, aromantic, asexual, or questioning (just to name a few) are also welcome. The forum is meant to be inclusive, not exclusive.

This forum is not meant for non-LGBTQIA+ Wrimos asking research questions for their story. Those questions should go in Reference Desk or Personal Experience as appropriate.

Forum Description

Your social center for all things LGBT+. Rather than forcing you into the LGBT+ Fiction forum, this is your hangout. (September 2019-June 2020)

Your social center for all things LGBTQIA+. Rather than forcing you into the LGBTQIA+ Fiction forum, this is your hangout. (June 2020-present)

Topics and Threads

  • LGBTQIA+ introductions
  • LGBTQIA+ book recommendations
  • Discussions of LGBTQIA+ representation in the media



The global moderators (September 2019-present)


See the above list of global moderators for any past moderators

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