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Great Train Escape

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The Great Train Escape is an all-day train write-in. Southern California Wrimos take over an entire Amtrak train car section on the Coast Starlight train traveling between San Diego and Oakland. It is held on the weekend of the Night of Writing Dangerously each year, and many of the Wrimos taking this trip attend the event.

Wrimos may board the train at any point between San Diego and Oakland; if not boarding at San Diego or Los Angeles Union Station with a group of Wrimos, the conductor can lead them to the NaNo group.

After arriving in Oakland, Wrimos usually split taxi or Uber fare to San Francisco, where they retreat to their hotels and hostels. Some Wrimos room together for the weekend to save on prices.

Saturday consists of having fun in San Francisco, as well as attending the out-of-towner get-together hosted by NaNoWriMo HQ. Sunday consists of more San Francisco fun before the Night of Writing Dangerously, followed by flying or taking the train back home on Monday.

The USA::California::Los Angeles MLs attending the Night of Writing Dangerously organized the Great Train Escape from 2012, possibly earlier, to 2014. USA::California::San Diego ML syaffolee organized the event in 2015 and 2016.

Wrimos taking part in the Great Train Escape are not required to attend the Night of Writing Dangerously, although many do. Some Wrimos come along just to enjoy the train ride and San Francisco for the weekend, and the Bay Area regions host write-ins and events that out-of-town Wrimos are welcome to attend.

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