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Great Nordic Word War

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The Great Nordic Word War is a multi-region word war that takes place on one day in November. It first took place on 16 November 2019 with Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Finland participating. Denmark joined in 2020 [1].

During the event, writers write as many words as they can on the day and record their word count for that day in a spreadsheet, along with the country they represent. At the end of the day, each country's word count is averaged, with the highest median word count declared the winner. The event is optional, and writers who do not want to participate may opt out.

Norway won the 2019 event, with an average word count of 6,419 across 47 writers. Finland had the largest individual total. Overall, the four countries saw 179 writers who wrote 894,637 words.

Norway took the crown again in 2020, with an average word count of 9,094 words among 54 writers. Overall the five countries saw 252 writers and 1,816,597 words written. The other countries placed as follows:

  • Second place: Finland, average 7,336 words, 37 writers
  • Third place: Denmark, average 7,061 words, 48 writers
  • Fourth place: Sweden, average 6,724 words, 104 writers
  • Fifth place: Iceland, average 4,120 words, 9 writers

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