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Flashback Fundraising Drive

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The Flashback Fundraising Drive is the summer 2018 fundraiser for National Novel Writing Month (nonprofit). It took place from July 9-16, 2018, and was announced via NaNoMail and email on July 8. This fundraiser focused on remembering NaNoWriMo's past, while raising the funds to make NaNoWriMo's future even brighter to more participants.

Fundraising levels and donor goodies were kept simple; Wrimos donating $25 received six vintage NaNoWriMo stickers from past events. The sticker selection was random. Wrimos donating during the weekend of July 14-15 also received a button inspired by the NaNoWriMo 2007 design (Time to Write). Wrimos could also donate multiples of $25 to receive multiple sticker packs.

#NaNoFlashback was the official hashtag used to discuss the fundraiser, as well as to share past NaNoWriMo memories--personal or related to the greater NaNoWriMo site and community. The NaNoWriMo staff also sent regular emails throughout the fundraiser, showcasing major happenings in NaNoWriMo's history.

Wrimos raised $18,000 for the fundraiser in a week, 20% more than the original $15,000 goal.

NaNo HQ emails sent during the fundraiser