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Come Write In

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Come Write In is a National Novel Writing Month program launched in 2009 encouraging the partnership of Wrimos with libraries and independent bookstores. Wrimos all over the world had been hosting write-ins in these places for years, so a partnership with these writer-friendly venues seemed natural. Come Write In was announced in August 2009 with an announcement on the NaNoWriMo blog, complete with a Come Write In! sticker next to a Chik-Fil-A sticker [1].

Participating libraries and bookstores receive free window clings to alert writers of their participation and free Come Write In kits through a secret link in the NaNoWriMo Store. Libraries worldwide have participated in the program. Come Write In Independent Bookstores was tested in the Bay Area in 2009 and expanded throughout the world during the 2010 and 2011 NaNo seasons. The library outreach program continued into Script Frenzy 2010.

While Come Write In programs are separate from a Municipal Liaison's regional plans for NaNo, MLs are encouraged to work with Come Write In libraries and bookstores (and vice versa) to build relationships between the two sets of programs. The NaNo University program was rolled into Come Write In after 2013.

Sarah Mackey joined the NaNoWriMo staff in 2009 to coordinate the library outreach program. As a library staff member and longtime Municipal Liaison, she was experienced in the partnership between libraries and Wrimos. She continues to work on Come Write In as the director of community engagement.

Come Write In forum

A Come Write In forum was added to the NaNoWriMo forums in 2010.

Forum Description

"The place for libraries and bookstores to share tips and tricks for hosting NaNoWriMo events!" (2010-present)

"The place for libraries and bookstores to share tips, tricks, and questions about hosting NaNoWriMo events!" (2015)

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