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Coffee Crawl

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Well, you love coffee don't you? I'm sorry but it's time to go to school! Gulp your coffee down and while you're at it sprint to 200 words

You finally make it to school before the first bell and realise you're dehydrated again. You have time to walk to the canteen and back. Write 500 words at your own pace

You sprint to 100 words realising it took you ages to drink your coffee. Get to your form room quick!

Your friend sits next to you and notices a coffee stain on your blouse. She rolls her eyes and offers to mop it up. Write for the duration of the next song while you wait for her to finish.

You go to first lesson and are told to write an essay on whatever you want. Write 1000 words at your own paces as your write about your coffee obsession.

Your next lesson is maths and you get bored, drawing coffees on your exercise book. When you finally hear what your teacher says you roll a die and times it by 100, write that many words

At break they are selling more coffees. There are so many different types of coffee. Pick a random three digit number from 100-999 on a random generator and write that many words

Suddenly the bell goes and you HAVE to finish your coffee. Complete a fifty headed hydra while you gulp the whole mug down without breathing.

Next lesson is science and all you want to do is drink more coffee. Write 500 words at your own pace while you wait for the endless minutes to pass.

Period four is music and you love this but not as much as your coffee. Sprint to 250 words as you enjoy the lesson and it goes really quickly.

Finally lunch! More coffee but you need food too. Write 100 words in five minutes as you painfully wait.

There's a food fight when you get your food. You hold onto your precious coffee. Word war for 10 minutes as you try to keep hold of your coffee whilst throwing food.

It's the last lesson and you've got English! Maybe you should write about coffee? Try to write 500 words in 10 minutes. If you succeed, you're given coffee one, if you lose you're given coffee two

Now it's home time. If you're coffee one write 200 words at your own pace. If you're coffee two sprint to 500 words

Finally home. Put your feet up and drink coffee. Write 50 words to finish.