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Codes of Conduct

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The Codes of Conduct are a series of guides to help Wrimos understand the culture of the NaNoWriMo website and what's expected of its members as a member of the community. Following the Codes of Conduct is one of the best ways to ensure a positive NaNo community experience for everyone.

The Codes of Conduct state that Wrimos may write about whatever they wish and post an excerpt in their profiles. However, they may not post their explicit fiction to the NaNo website, as that is against the Terms and Conditions. Wrimos who wish to share their explicit writing may post a link to an external site on their profiles.

Violators of the Codes of Conduct receive warnings. They may be banned if they ignore the warning and continue the violating behavior.

While the bullet points in this article are the bolded guidelines in the actual Codes of Conduct, reading this page's short version is not a substitute for reading the full version, which is linked at the end of this article. Just saying.

Basic NaNoWriMo Forum Codes of Conduct

  • Do read stickies and the site FAQs before posting in a forum.
  • Do observe the forum subjects
  • Do give your post a great subject line
  • Do play nice!
  • Do read & respond
  • Do ignore cheaters and trolls
  • Do be aware of All-Ages forums
  • Do link back when you can
  • Do keep your signatures within guidelines
  • Do help us in our battle with spam and scams
  • Don’t post anything that violates copyright
  • Don’t use nudity, profanity, or violent imagery in user pictures
  • Don’t use our site for commercial purposes

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