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Bradford Earle

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Bradford Earle was the Shipping Captain at the Office of Letters and Light from 2008 to 2010. He managed the OLL store and made sure everyone's merchandise got out on time and to the right place. Little is known about Bradford, partly thanks to his mad-lib style staff bio.

Bradford's staff bio

Bradford is a newly minted [adjective] person. He was previously an idea on the East Coast in the wasteland commonly known as [proper noun]. He spends most of his time composing mediocre [noun] and painting marginal works of [noun] in a valiant (albeit ineffective) attempt to impress the woman he [verb]s. His history is a [noun], as ideas are [adverb] difficult to examine. In his new [adjective] form he is likely to be found [verb]ing small bears or imitating [noun] in his free time. He wants to help [pronoun] with any and all insurmountable difficulties (as long as they relate to shipping).