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Be More Chill Word Crawl by NerdyStarGirl413

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JEREMY’S THEME (INSTRUMENTAL): Write at your own pace to a hundred words to start things off.

MORE THAN SURVIVE: Write for 20 minutes as you go about your day.

I LOVE PLAY REHEARSAL: Do a word sprint for the duration of a random showtune.

THE SQUIP SONG: Try to write a thousand words in 20 minutes. If you complete it, Rich finishes his solo and leaves. If not, he continues screaming, “IT’S FROM JAPAAAAAAAAN” for over thirty minutes, after which you decide he needs to stop, and attempt a fifty headed hydra.

2-PLAYER GAME: Find the plot hole, push it aside! Do a word war for twenty minutes. Whoever wins gets bragging rights. Whoever loses wastes their Bar-Mitzvah money on a wintergreen Tic-Tac.

THE SQUIP ENTERS: Target word count: Inaccessible. Write 3% of your word count.

BE MORE CHILL (PART ONE): Take your hands out of your pockets. And onto the keyboard! Try a fifty headed hydra in an attempt to prove your chillness. Fail miserably.

DO YOU WANNA RIDE: Do you wanna write, do you wanna write, do you wanna write, wanna write far? (??) Write a hundred words while listening to this song. It’s harder than you think.

BE MORE CHILL (PART TWO): Try to do two hundred words in five minutes. Baby steps. You WILL be more chill.

MORE THAN SURVIVE (REPRISE): Try another 20-minute writing session, only this time, you must complete three hundred words more than you did last time the first time. (Failure to do so results in another fifty headed hydra. There’s no way you were ‘checking your email’.)

A GUY THAT I’D KINDA BE INTO: Do a word war with someone for the duration of this song. Bonus points if it’s a romantic scene.

THE SQUIP LURKS (INSTRUMENTAL): Write for ten minutes at a leisurely pace, but don’t get too comfortable..

UPGRADE: Upgrade your NaNo novel by writing three percent of your word count. After you complete that, take a break (I aM oN mY wAy) for two hours or so. You’ve earned it.

HALLOWEEN: Who’s ready for my Halloween party? Write a thousand words as fast as possible!

DO YOU WANNA HANG: Yeah, I’ve written in pretty much every room in this house. Go somewhere you don’t usually write in, and do a fifteen minute word sprint to five hundred words.

MICHAEL IN THE BATHROOM: Write 1,500 words. You can do it. Bonus points if a character is having a panic attack in a bathroom.

THE SMARTPHONE HOUR (RICH SET A FIRE): Do a word war with someone on the forums for the duration of this song until you win. When you do, brag to all your friends, preferably on social media. Dancing while doing this is recommended.

THE PITIFUL CHILDREN: Recommend NaNoWriMo to a friend. I don’t care how much of the month has already gone by. If you succeed, move on. If you fail, sprint to a hundred words.

THE PANTS SONG: Write without pants until you reach a thousand words. I’m serious.

THE PLAY: Write 100 words in an attempt to call Michael. After you do that, flip a coin— if you get heads, Michael Makes An Entrance™️— if tails, add a hundred words. Keep doing this until you get heads. After this, write a thousand words.

VOICES IN MY HEAD: You did it! Celebrate the removal of your S.Q.U.I.P. by doing a five-minute word sprint. Bonus points if you reward yourself with Mountain Dew Red afterwards.