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Associate Board

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The NaNoWriMo Associate Board was a group of Bay Area professionals who are passionate about NaNoWriMo and its mission. They assisted with program development, fundraising, and enthusiasm, according to the Associate Board page.

It was formed sometime between November 2013 and presumably retired sometime in 2016, as the link to the Associate Board page on the NaNo website has been unavailable since July 2016.

Last Known Members

  • Kira Del Mar
  • Alex Halpern
  • Carla Lo Coco
  • Kelly Loy Gilbert
  • Zaineb Mohammed
  • Cheryl Pon
  • Joe Rogel
  • Maya Ziv

Past Members

  • Lara Fox (before April 2014)
  • Rebecca Stern, current Director of Programs at NaNoWriMo (before April 2014)

For related groups within NaNo, see Board of Directors, Writers Board, and NaNoWriMo Ambassadors.

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