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American Thanksgiving

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American Thanksgiving is a day set aside in November to give thanks and remember what you're grateful for. It is a known distraction during week 4. American Thanksgiving occurs on the fourth Thursday in November, which falls between November 22nd and November 28th.

While American Thanksgiving is a U.S. federal holiday and many workers have the day off, that day off is often filled with Thanksgiving dinner and other festivities, like American football games and holiday shopping. For some Wrimos this makes Thanksgiving a less than ideal day to write; others sneak away from or avoid the activities in order to catch up on their novels. A few regions hold Thanksgiving Day write-ins for those who can sneak away from their families or who are not celebrating the holiday with family.

Since Thanksgiving is a harvest holiday and one of the most common celebrations is a Thanksgiving dinner, Wrimos may find themselves with leftovers for the next day or two. This can cut down on cooking time so the Wrimo can write more and catch up.

Other countries have similar observances in November, as well as Canadian Thanksgiving in October, so residents of other countries may also find themselves limited in their writing time that day.

Almost every year someone suggested in the Site and Message Board Feedback and Suggestions forum that NaNoWriMo take place in some other month due to non-noveling distractions like American Thanksgiving. This is highly unlikely to happen because every month is inconvenient for somebody. Camp NaNoWriMo and other unofficial NaNo-like challenges happen throughout the year, giving Wrimos a chance to do NaNo all year long.