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Age Group Lounge

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Age Group Lounge refers to the group of NaNoWriMo forums that let Wrimos meet other participants around the same age. The individual lounges are as varied as the participants in them.

The Age Group Lounges are part of the NaNo Groups section of the forum. Since Age Group Lounges are created with demand, the 30s and 40s forum could split into two forums if there's need in the future.


The Age Group Lounges first came to be with a forum devoted to young novelists in 2005. This forum evolved into what is now the Teens forum, which is one of the most active forums on the site.

In 2007 age group lounges for 20s and 30s+ were created. The latter caused controversy until the 50+ Wrimos got their own forum the next year, along with the 30s and 40s getting a forum.

Current Age Group Lounges