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50s+ (formerly Age Group: 50+ until September 2019) is an Age Group Lounge on the NaNoWriMo forums where Wrimos over 50 can get to know each other. It was born as the Age Group: 30+ forum in 2007 before the over-50 Wrimos received their own forum the next year.

The term "geezer" in the forum description dates back to 2002, when older Wrimos at the time started applying the terms to themselves [1].

As of September 2019, the 50s+ forum is a subforum of Finding Your Crew.

Forum Description

Tired of the young whipper snappers? Pull up a rocker and rest with your fellow geezers (and rant about "kids these days"). Don't worry, we know the real secret... 50-and-overs have the highest win rates in NaNoWriMo. (2008-2014)

"Pull up a chair, and rest with your fellow grown-ups. Truth is: 50-and-overs have the highest win rates in NaNoWriMo." (2015-present)

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