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Writing buddy

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A writing buddy is a friend on the NaNoWriMo site.

Any Wrimo registered on the NaNoWriMo site can add another Wrimo as a "writing buddy" and see his/her word count listed with other buddies on the "Writing Buddy" page of his/her user profile (if they have a halo, that will also be displayed). Writing buddies can be added from a friend's Nano page using the "Add as Buddy" button. When the feature was added in 2005, due to a bug, only the first 11 writing buddies (in order of user number) were displayed. It was fixed in later Nanos and the number displayed increased to 50.

Writing buddies are typically fellow Wrimos who offers friendly encouragement throughout the month of November. Some writing buddies may know each other outside of Nanowrimo, or one may be responsible for the other joining Nanowrimo. Others may meet through one of the forums. Writing buddies may send Nanomails containing encouragement, run word wars together, or may even strike up a friendly competition over wordcount (often seen among overachievers.)