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Note: The subject of this article is often referred to by #WriteTheNextChapter. The article is titled WriteTheNextChapter due to technical restrictions.

#WriteTheNextChapter is a November 2020 initiative by National Novel Writing Month to support Wrimos during November and December 2020. During this time, parts of the world entered pandemic lockdown again and the 2020 United States presidential election was on the horizon, making November 2020 a stressful time for many participants.

NaNoWriMo staff announced the initiative on 2 November 2020. Each message featured two prompts: a creative prompt and a community prompt. The community prompt provided action items to help lift up others from a distance, often with resources to help Wrimos complete them.

Creative Prompts

  • Check in with a writing buddy and see how they're doing, and make a plan to do a virtual writing sprint together, even if it's just for five minutes. (2 November)
  • Find a virtual NaNoWriMo event (whether in your region or run by NaNoWriMo HQ) and add it to your calendar. (9 November)
  • Write a scene with a character struggling during a stressful time... and use that scene to reflect on how you're feeling and what might help. (16 November)
  • Write something beautiful for your characters to experience together, a moment of pure transcendent joy. (23 November)
  • Choose 3 words from the blurb of a favorite book and try to work them into a new scene. (7 December)
  • Try writing erasure/black-out poetry. Use a page from a magazine, old book, or even junk mail! (14 December)

Community Prompts

  • Have you voted yet? If you're an American citizen and planning to vote or drop off your ballot in-person, find your nearest voting sites by using this tool from the Voting Info Project. (Once you do, you can even go to My NaNoWriMo → Profile and award yourself the "Vote!" badge.) (2 November)
  • Add contact information for your local elected official to your phone and set a calendar reminder to contact them regularly with your concerns. (9 November)
  • Depending on where you are, it may be getting cold and/or approaching the holiday season. Donate warm clothes and food to your local food bank or shelter. (16 November)
  • Find an organization working with LGBTQ+ youth in your area and see how you can help support kids in unsafe living situations during the pandemic. (23 November)
  • Make a plan to shop at a Black-owned business for your holiday shopping. See if you can get your family and friends to join you! (7 December)
  • Follow an anti-racist account on your social media. Consider boosting the posts that resonate with you! (14 December)

See Also

  • #StayHomeWriMo, a similar initiative at the beginning at the COVID-19 pandemic