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A write-in is a NaNoWriMo or Script Frenzy event where writers gather in a central place to write and meet other writers. They are events of both productivity and socialization. Write-ins have existed as long as NaNoWriMo itself. The modern write-in is often coordinated by a Municipal Liaison but may be led by non-ML participants in a large region. Write-ins may be advertised in a regional lounge; many regional lounges also have Google Calendars or their own websites to post events on as well.

Write-ins may take place anywhere. Common locations include coffee shops, cafes, libraries, bookstores, colleges and universities, and a writer's home, but the options are endless. Ideal places include locales with plugs for laptops, wifi for distraction and updating wordcounts, comfortable places for writers to sit, and a friendly staff that is willing to host a bunch of writers taking up space. Food and drink are optional but don't hurt, and writers are encouraged to buy something if writing at a place of business. Write-ins are often held once a week at a standard, easily accessible location, but more exotic venues may be used for special events.

There are as many types of write-ins as there are writers. Some write-ins include a social component at the beginning and end of a session. Others let writers come and go as they wish, and writers may stop to say hi as a writer arrives or leaves. Yet other write-ins feature word wars or impromptu pauses to talk through plot points. Write-ins are often not as populated as a Kickoff party or TGIO party and tend to be less formal with less structured activities.

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