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Worldbuilding can refer to two things: creating the setting that your work takes place in, or the NaNoWriMo forum by the same name.


The Worldbuilding forum was created in 2014 as a place to discuss the development of setting in novels. While many people who build worlds for their stories are fantasy or science fiction writers, this is not necessarily the case, hence the creation of this forum. Until this forum was created, setting questions that weren't specific to a genre often went into other forums (most often Plot Doctoring, although developing a setting is not plot-specific).


Whether you need help mapping the geography of your fantasy continent, or getting the infrastructure right on your New York analog town, this is your one-stop shop for all your worldbuilding needs. (2014)

"For those who make worlds from scratch, we support you. Get help with the ecosystems of your fantasy world, the engineering of your faster-than-light spaceship, or the architecture of Everytown, USA." (2015-present)

Topics and threads

  • There is a sticky that clarifies that asking for actual facts on real-world locations still needs to go to Reference Desk. Asking for help in the Worldbuilding forum on making up details within real-world locations is fine.
  • There is also a thread for collecting external websites that are useful worldbuilding resources.
  • Threads asking for particular help on developing settings
  • Threads discussing various worldbuilding exercises
  • Threads on how to include details in the writing itself (e.g., "How do I avoid an infodump"?)
  • A worldbuilding-specific Respond, Answer, Ask
  • Worldbuilding-specific "Critique the ____ Above You" threads




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