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Word war

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A word war (also called word sprint, or simply war or sprint) is a short timed challenge in which Wrimos write as much as they can in a short period. These challenges may be conducted with other writers on the NaNoWriMo forums, at a write-in, in chat rooms, or via Twitter. Participants may also conduct a word war alone by setting a timer or using a program such as Write or Die.


Word wars may be conducted with specific goals in mind (such as the "Box of Doom" challenge or challenges to write so many words in any interval from five minutes to a day), races to see who can write the most in the set amount of time, or simply a set period of time to write as much as possible.

There is an official Word Sprints Twitter feed that runs timed word sprints throughout the season, starting in September in preparation for relaunch. Run by various members of staff and OLL interns including Dragonchilde, Cybele May and Nora Coon. Sprints on the official feed run from 10 to 60 minutes long (most common being 20-30 minutes)

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