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Word crawl/Zombie Apocalypse Crawl

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Reading up: You’ve read enough on zombies to know the prevailing theories and are recognized as an expert. Write 250 words to present at a conference.

A stronghold: You spend a few afternoons making sure that your house is well protected. Do a 10 minute word war. If you win take a deep breath and relax, if you lose spend another day working outdoors and write the winner’s word count in as much time as you need.

Target practice: Bring your weapons and practice shooting by doing five one minute sprints.

Gathering supplies: Check your savings account and see if you have any extra cash. (set to 1-8) The more money you have the longer it takes to shop. Sprint that many hundred words. If you roll a seven or eight you are well stocked and can skip a supply run!

The beginning: You see a news report about a mysterious disease. You recognize the symptoms. Do a song war to this song.


The first kill: Your friendly neighbor breaks through your defenses. A brief struggle ensues. Sprint for ten minutes to survive!

Insomnia: Your nerves are shot and you find it hard to sleep. Do a three digit challenge in 25 minutes to help you drift off.

Survivors: You hear a knock at the door and realize there are living people begging for your help. If you decide to rescue them it’ll be a struggle equivalent of facing a 50 headed hydra. If you fail or let them die guilt consumes you. Write as many hundred words as there are humans in your closest friend's household.

Supply Run: You wasted a lot of bullets and you’d better see if you can find more before the neighborhood is picked through! Sprint based on where you live. Everyone knows the more densely populated an area is the more zombies there will be! (Urban-500 words. Suburban-300 words. Rural- 100 words)

A New Place To Live: You meet a stranger who tells you about his base. If you bring your supplies you can live with them. Pack your bags and be prepared for a long trek. Learn more about this fellow survivor on the trip by doing a 20 minute sprint.

Raising Moral: There are a lot of friendly folks living in this well fortified warehouse. Roll a die. Odds and you raise moral by making new friends and having some friendly competition with a 10 minute world war. Evens and you give them some encouragement in these hard times. Go send some kind words to a writing buddy using NaNoMail.

Supply Run: Rumors are running rampant about an approaching herd of zombies, make another supply run just to be safe using the same rules above!

The Battle: A crowd of the living dead approaches. Quick ready your weapons! Do five one minute sprints. Finish with a ten minute word war. Lose and you and the other survivors die. Challenge over.

Optional: You can be saved if you can convince a fellow crawl participant to sprint 500 words for you.

Celebration: You survived and someone nicked some board games and booze on the supply run. You’re feeling a little woozy from the drinks and suck an exhausting day. Type for five minutes using only one hand.

A Dawn Surprise: You hear voices in the morning and discover more survivors are at your doors, they’re yelling something about a cure. That can’t be right can it? Take a three digit challenge to find out.


The W.H.O.: The World Health Organization has developed a cure. This survivor claims to be a doctor whose helicopter crashed. If you can get her to an airport she and the pilot can take you all to safety. An argument breaks out in camp over whether you trust these strangers. Take a deep breath and clear your head with a half an hour of no pressure writing.

An Airport: You decide you can’t stay here forever. You and several others go with the strangers. They have credentials so you think you can trust them. Airports aren’t always easy to find. Sprint to the nearest one based on where you live. (Urban-100 words. Suburban- 250 words. Rural- 500 words)

Gate Crashing: It’s no longer just for parties, Quick roll a die and sprint that many hundred words!

The Flight: High above the land it’s the first time you’ve truly been able to relax. You close your eyes and drift off to sleep. Only to be awoken by nightmares. Shake it off with as many words as you can write in 1 minute.

Arrival: It’s an island military complex.You are thanked and welcomed with a hot meal. You sit and have a chat with the doctor and a couple of scientists. They seem nervous when you ask for the truth. Compete in 5 minute word wars until you are victorious to learn why.

The Doctor’s Lie: She runs her hands through her hair and tells you that there is no cure. But there will be. She had to lie to get you to help her. You feel betrayed. Walk away and write 250 words to clear your head.

Looks like you'll be staying here for a while, at least you're pretty safe for now.