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It is a wonderfully dreadful morning. The sky is gray, the wind bitter cold. Your house is its traditional mess. Yes, it's a perfect day for a witch's brew!

First, you must get your visage assembled. After all, warts don't grow themselves! Sprint for 5 minutes to get dressed.

If you wrote less than 100 words, your witch is more Glinda than Wicked Witch of the West. That will never do. Write 100 words to fix your outfit.

If you wrote less than 200 words, your nose is on crooked. Write 50 words to put it back on right.

Once your properly dressed, you must get the fire started and put on the kettle with water. Usually a handful of magic words does the trick. Write 100 words.

Excellent! now your cauldron is bubbling, and it's time for some classic ingredients! What sort of potion do you want to make today?

For a Love Potion, Add Peppermint, Pure Hope, and A Pinch of Attitude

For a Curse, Add A Pinch of Attitude, A Tail of Newt and a Dead Man's Toe

For a Health Tonic, Add Peppermint, A Tail of Newt and Fresh Blood

For a Tasty Stew, Add Frog's Legs, Salt, and Peppermint.

For a Wicked Good Time, Add Salt, A Pinch of Attitude and Fresh Blood.

Or Create a New Brew by combining Any Three Ingredients.  

Peppermint: is an item with many magical properties. Fortunately, it is easy to harvest. Sprint for 5 minutes.

Pure Hope: is much harder to come by. It is quite the elusive substance, but it can be collected by Writing a scene where something good happens.

A Pinch of Attitude: sounds simple enough, but is often a little tough to get the right amount. Write your character doing something bold or sassy.

A Tail of Newt: Those buggers are fast! To catch one, Sprint for 10 minutes. and if you wind up with Less than 300 words, Sprint for another 5!

A Dead Man's Toe: Is much more about the end result than the means. Write until you have 200 words.

Fresh Blood: Is quite delicious, especially when it comes from not you. If you want to use your own blood, Write through to the end of your current scene.

If you're more a Blood of the Innocent kind of witch, Write until something terrible happens to a likable character.

Frog's Legs: can be bought at the local witch-mart, thankfully. Write 50 words, including a word you wouldn't normally use.

Salt: Can be purchased at a slightly higher price- it's in high demand among magical types. Write 100 words. Or it can be sweated out. Sprint for 15 minutes. If you end up with less than 300 words, write another 100.

Next, you need to say the magic words. Sprint for a song, any length.

Now it is time to savor your result!

If you made a Love Potion, be inspired to Write a scene with romantic and/or sexual tones.

If a Curse was more your style, Write a tragedy striking a character.

For a Health Tonic, Write a scene wherein a problem is solved.

Eating a Tasty Stew lets you relax a bit. Write a scene where there is some down time, or time away from the central plot.

If you're having a Wicked Good Time, write a scene where someone enjoys something that they probably shouldn't, or shouldn't indulge in.

For Your Own Brew, Write a scene based off of one of the ingredients you used. Feeling hopeful? Things must be going well. Dead men's toes bode less well.