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Word crawl/Wicked Crawl

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No One Mourns the Wicked: Warm up with an intense 10 minute sprint. No editing or tweaking or backspacing. No one mourns the typos

Dear Old Shiz: Reflect on the past by doubling however much you wrote in the last 10 min sprint

The Wizard and I: Prepare for insanity. Sprint to 300 words as your luggage is packed

What is This Feeling? You’re getting places! Do not loathe this draft. Keep going. Sprint for twenty minutes

If you write under 300 words, you and your roommate HATE each other. Sprint another ten

If you write over 300, congrats, you and your roommate don’t hate each other TOO much. Sprint to 200 words

Something Bad: Oh dear. Do you stay and help Doctor Dillamond? It all depends if your count ends with even or odd

Even: Yes: Sprint for ten minutes

Odd: No: Sprint for twenty

Dancing Through Life: Life is good. Write 200 at your own pace, then go to a crazy dance club!

Do you invent a new dance move? If so, write for ten minutes

Do you kiss fiyero in the corner? Totally! Write to 300

Do you show up in the WORST hat? Flaunt it! Roll a die and multiply by ten, write to that amount

Do you sit in your chair waiting for a cute munchkin to dance with you? Poor dear. Spend the time writing for 15 minutes

Did you do all of the above??? Whoa! Social media break to tell about all that stuff!

Popular: How did the last round go? Let’s get even better! Epic ballgown in…three…two…one. It’s midnight, write for twelve minutes

I’m Not That Girl: That last digit on your word count? That is not your digit. Multiply it by 100 and write that amount

One Short Day: It’s a ten minute short word sprint, but write as FAST AS YOU CAN

Over 300? Yeah! You visited the wizard and rocked that green spiral hat. Rest for five.

Under 300? It’s okay. You tripped meeting the wizard, but it’ll be fine after you write 300

A Sentimental Man: Get Sentimental! Go to your first sentence, count the amount of words, multiply by ten and then write to that number

Defying Gravity: Defy expectations, defy that goal. Write to the next thousand.

Thank Goodness: Thank goodness that’s over. Rest for ten. Write for ten. Keep track of how much you write in this round

Wonderful: Trickery! It’s all been trickery! Double what you wrote during “Thank goodness”

I’m Not That Girl Reprise: Was that tiring? Sorry. Relax for five, then cry over loss of loved ones while you write 150 words

As Long as Your Mine: Your word count is YOURS to achieve. Write 500 in 25 minutes!

If failed: Poo! You didn’t have enough time to spend time with Fiyero and your duet was INTERUPTED. Write another 500

No Good Deed: Writing is nasty nasty. Sprint for 25 minutes but NO BACKSPACING OR CORRECTING. No good typo goes corrected.

March of the Witch Hunters: Laziness must be PUNISHED. Round to the next thousand.

For Good: Go motivate a friend. Write 250

Finale: Is this it? Pick your favorite from this crawl and redo it. Rest for a good long while.