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Word crawl/Supernatural Crawl

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I didn't see a word crawl for fans of Supernatural, so tada! I made one. I hope this is helpful to someone. Enjoy!

There are no spoilers, and you don't have to be a fan/be knowledgable of Supernatural to complete this crawl.

It's just a normal day. You spent most of it helping Sam with research, but Dean insists in getting everyone to loosen up, so he forces you to go to a bar with him. Write 100 words in protest.

As soon as you get to the bar, you're attacked by a werewolf. The werewolf knocks Sam out by bashing his head against the side of the building. Dean tries to assist you, but he werewolf rips his chest to shreds. Sprint for five minutes to defeat the werewolf and save your friends!

If you got less than a hundred words, you fail and the werewolf kills the other two hunters. Write 250 words to bring them back to life.

If you wrote 100-200 words, you get your butt kicked, but you survive and drag the other hunters to safety. Write 100 words while you heal.

If you write 201+ words, you're victorious! You defeat the werewolf without getting as much as a scratch.

Exhausted, everyone goes back to the motel. Take your time to write 300 words while you fall asleep.

Where're the other hunters? You wake up alone in the motel room and there're droplets of blood sprinkled across the floor. Write 250 words in ten minutes while you try to figure out what happened.

What's that? Something's under the bed. Do three one-minute sprints while you pull it out.

It's a note! There's only two scribbled words. Demon hoard. What does that mean? Puzzle it out with a five minute sprint.

There's been a lot of demon activity in Indiana. Why they're in the land of corn, you're not sure, but before he disappeared, Sam was talking about a hunt in the area. Could that be where the missing hunters are? You don't have a better idea, so you jump in the Impala and head for boring old Indiana.

To ride in silence, write 100 words. All you can think of is the blood on the floor of the motel room. Write another 150 words to shake the thoughts away.

Write 250 words to listen to the best of mullet rock.

Do five one-minute sprints to listen to classical music.

If you want to listen to pop, write 500 words. Shame on you for listening to that namby-pamby stuff.

Finally, you arrive in Indiana. It's late and you're exhausted.

To find a motel room and retire for the night sprint for ten minutes.

To scour the local bar for anyone who might've heard of anything remotely demonic, write 200 words in five minutes.

To read up on recent events in the town, sprint for five minutes.

((The last two options deprive you of sleep. You have to pep yourself up with coffee before you continue. Write 100 words.))

You run into a scared teenager who seems to know something. Sprint for ten minutes to talk to them.

If you get less than 150 words, the teenager runs away from you. Write 350 words to find another witness.

If you get between 151-300 words, the teenager freezes and refuses to talk with you until you calm them down. Write 150 words.

If you get 301+ words, the teenager spills everything they know with barely any prompting. That was easy.

You now have a general idea of where the demons are hiding. From what you've heard, it's a pretty big hoard, and there's no guarantee that Sam and Dean are there. You're taking a big chance by going in alone.

To call in a favor and get one of your friends to join you write 500 words.

To go in alone, don't do anything. You might regret this later!

Sprint for fifteen minutes while you wait for nightfall. It's too risky to attack during the day.

Time to gather your weapons! What would you like to take?

To take a gun full of rock salt and a give 'em hell attitude, write 100 words.

To take a recorded exorcism and a salt-covered knife, write 150 words in five minutes.

Lucky you! Sam left behind his demon-killing knife! Write 500 words to claim it.

With your weapon in hand and the full moon shining above you, it's time to attack. You drive up a tiny dirt road and stop about a half a mile from where the demons are camped out in an abandoned house. ((From this point on, if you brought a friend, you get either five minutes added to each challenge, or you can knock fifty words off your intended target. Glad you called in that favor?))

A few years out from the house, you run into your first demon. He's tall and lean, but you know you can beat him. Sprint for five minutes to take him out from behind.

If you get less than 100 words, he splits your lips before he goes down. Write 100 words to shake yourself out of a daze.

If you get 101+ words, you win. Keep going!

If you get 250+ words, you not only win, but you find a knife tucked in the back of his jeans. This could come in useful later.

Everything is eerily quite as you creep up to the back door of the house. Do two one-minute sprints to shimmy the lock open.

If you write less than 30 words, your clumsy attempt draws the attention of a demon. Write 200 words to take it out.

The house smells of blood and mold. To your left, there's a door that leads to the basement, to the right there's a staircase that leads to the second floor, straight ahead there's a hallway that leads to the front of the house. Sprint for ten minutes to decide which way to go.

If you write less than 150 words, you run straight ahead. Unluckily for you, that's where the biggest group of demons is conjugated. Write 400 words to fight your way out. ((Once you finish the penalty, go to the last option on this list.))

If you write 151-300 words, you go upstairs. There are a few demons on lookout duty. Write 200 words to take them out. ((Once you finish the penalty, go to the last option on this list.))

If you write 301+ words, you go to the basement. Sam, Dean, and Castiel are chained to chairs that face the wall. Write 100 words while you scour the room for a key. ((If you collected the knife from the first demon, you may skip this step. You use the knife to pick the locks on the chains.)) With Sam, Dean, and Castiel free, you all go back upstairs to wipe out the remaining demons together. Sprint to the nearest thousand.

When the last demons lies dead at your feet, you all start the trek back to the Impala. The moonlight shines down on you, illuminating the path, and Sam and Dean joke about each other's cowardice like they didn't almost die. Take your time to finish your current scene while you all hop back into the Impala and drive back into town for a round of celebratory beers.

Congratulations! You saved the day! The hunters owe you their lives. Reward yourself with a favorite food, drink, or episode of Supernatural. You deserve it, hero!