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Word crawl/Social Media Crawl

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You log onto tumblr first. Your internet is being incredibly slow, so write 100 words while you wait for the photos to load.

You see some shipping wars on Tumblr. If you prefer Destiel, sprint 300 words and fight for your victory. If you prefer Megstiel, participate in a 10 minute word war. If you are not a Supernatural fan, then roll a dice with ten sides (via random.org or something like that) and write 100x that number.

Next, you scroll down and see some posts about Doctor Who. Your feels are hurt when you see "Rose Tyler, I-". Write 500 words as you angrily rant about how that post was not okay, then participate in a 2 minute word war as you attempt to regain your feels.

The night bloggers must have been at it again while you were sleeping. You come across another stupid parody song. Participate in a song war as you laugh at the lyrics. If you do not have access to music at the moment, participate in a five minute war.

You continue scrolling. Night bloggers, feels, funny quotes. You see one thing that makes you feel inspired- "Family doesn't end in blood, just as blood doesn't make you family." Take advantage of this inspiration by rolling a dice, multiplying that number by 300 and sprinting that.


After you finish with Tumblr, you log onto Facebook. You haven't been on it for a while, so you forgot your password. Sprint 1,000 words as you try to recover it.

Once you finally get into your account, you are hit by many, MANY notifications. Sprint/war for 5 minutes as you sort out the spam from the important notifications.

As usual, the trolls are flooding Facebook. You shake your head, loosing hope for this generation. Participate in a 20 minute war as you get a troll to stop hating on some random girl.

You decide to visit a fandom page to see how Facebook's peeps have been reacting to the new feels. Write 1,000 words at your own pace as you get distracted by all the photos on the page.

Your friend messages you, asking you to meet up. You decide that you would prefer to have a lazy day in. Sprint 150 words as you explain some bogus story about how you have to study for the upcoming social studies test.


You decide that you should check the new tweets from your favorite celebrities as you log onto Twitter. First, you check up with Misha Collins. Roll a dice. The number that it shows is the number off the following that you must pick. (Eg, if you get a 4, you have to do 4 of the following. You may pick which ones, or you may do the first four.)

-Sprint for 5 minutes as you catch up with the new updates for Random Acts

-Write 500 words as you watch a recent video he uploaded, starring the adorable West Collins.

-Reply to a witty post of his by sprinting 100 words

-Looks like Misha posted a photo of him and the Supernatural crew. Participate in a 1 minute word sprint as you look at it, laughing at how much of a dork he is.

-Misha seems to be stressed. You can't quite figure out why, but you don't like it. Sprint 250 words as you try to cheer him up.

-Looks like Misha just got done filming a new episode and decided to tease his fans. Roll a dice to see how many minutes it takes you to stop fanboying/fangiriling/fanpersoning. Multiply it by 100 and sprint that many words.

Looks like Sherlock's hashtag is trending. Season four is coming out soon! Excited, you sprint 1000 words as you babble on about what you want to happen in the next season.

It looks like an amazing twitter-er (?) decided to turn from awesome to a bigot. Sprint 500 words as you debate about unfollowing him, then roll a die.

If it is even, you unfollow him. Write 100 words.

If it is odd, you figure that it was just a one time occurrence... right? Write 500 words as you debate about if that was the right thing to do.

You look at your clock. You had woken up in the middle of the night, and it wasn't even 4am right now. You sigh, putting your phone down and rolling back to bed. Write for 15 minutes at your own pace as you try to fall back asleep.