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Word crawl/Six the Musical Word Crawl

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Note: This is a simple-ish word crawl with some harder bits. Credit to Lucy Moss and Toby Marlow for writing Six.

Ex-Wives: Listen up, let me tell you a story! A story that you think you've heard before. Write 200 words as the queens picked up a pen and a microphone (aka paper)

No Way: You know she never said a word, but you do know that you'll write 240 words!

Don't Lose Ur Head: What were you meant to do? I don't know, maybe to write 300 words!

Heart of Stone: Can I build you up? Can I tear you down? With a Fifty-Headed Hydra!

Haus of Holbein: Ignore the fear and you'll be fine! Write 1000 words as you're being painted around the world.

Get Down: I'm the queen of the castle! And I want you to write 800 words as you want King Henry VII to see that you are like your profile picture.

All You Wanna Do: All you wanna do is write 1000 words in 30 minutes as we agree I'm the ten amongst these threes.

I Don't Need Your Love: How did you become the one to survive? Maybe because you said you would write 1200 words?

Six: Finish off with 600 words!