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Word crawl/Road Trip Crawl

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You have two weeks off from work and have decided to go on a road trip. Good for you! The first thing you have to do is pick the speed at which you'll be traveling:

LEISURELY PACE: You have no real destination in mind, so you'll just be slowly wandering around the countryside. (<50 wpm)

MODERATE PACE: You have a rough schedule but are willing to make a few stops along the way. (50-85 wpm)

FAST PACE: You have a busy schedule to keep and don't have any time for detours (85+ wpm)

It's the morning of your trip, and you're almost ready to leave. Just a few last minute prep things to do. Do a 10 minute sprint while you print directions and send your significant other off to pack the car.

If you meet the goal below, everything goes according to plan, and your trip begins! If you don't meet the goal below, your printer jams and your partner can't seem to fit everything in the car. Do another 10 minute sprint to sort everything out.

Leisure: 400 words

Moderate: 700 words

Fast: 1000 words

What would a road trip be without snacks? You pull into the nearest gas station and load up on your favorites.

If you prefer salty snacks like chips or pretzels, write 500 words.

If you prefer sweet snacks like cookies and candy, write 700 words.

If you prefer healthy snacks like fruits and veggies, write 900 words.

If you love all food and want to go ahead and load up on everything, go ahead and write 2100 words and earn the right to skip one of the stops below.

You have the map and the food. Now all you need is the tunes. Pick your favorite song (preferably 3-5 min.) and write until it ends. If you hit the goal below, everyone loves your music, and you move happily along. If you don't, write through three more songs as you all argue over what music to listen to.

Leisure: 100 words

Moderate: 275 words

Fast: 400 words

Now it's time to drive to your first destination.

Leisure: Do a leisurely 10 minutes as you take in the views around you.

Moderate: Write 1k in 20 minutes or less. If you make it, that stop to look at the mountains didn't cost you. If you don't, do another 10 minutes to remind yourself not to mess up the schedule too much.

Fast: Do 2500 in 30 minutes. You don't have time to play around. If you fail, try again until you get it or have added at least 7k to your word count.

Uh oh - what's that noise? Write for 15 minutes while the mechanic diagnoses your problem. If you hit the goal below, it's a small problem that can easily be fixed. If you fail, it's a huge problem that might set you back days. Write for another 15 minutes while you cry into your empty wallet.

Leisure: 450 words

Moderate: 1000 words

Fast: 1400 words

You finally get your car up and running again, but something must be wrong with the odometer now because a cop is pulling you over, and there’s no way you could be speeding. You try to tell the officer that you weren’t speeding, or at least that you didn’t realize you were, but you don’t know if he believes you or not. You give him your license and registration. Do a 10 minute sprint while you wait for him to do whatever it is they do with your information. If you hit the goal below, he decides to let you go with a warning. If you don’t, you have to do a 20 minute sprint while you bemoan the unfairness of it all.

Leisure: 350 words

Moderate: 700 words

Fast: 1000 words

You’re out of snacks again. If you bought all the snacks last time, you can skip this stop if you’d like. If not, you have to write for 20 minutes while you buy more snacks.

You’re ready to stop for the night, but the front desk clerk at the hotel’s lost your reservation. Write for 15 minutes while they try to find you rooms. If you hit the goal below, they find them and apologize. If you don’t, they can’t find you a room. Write for 20 more minutes while you find another hotel.

Leisure: 600 words

Moderate: 1100 words

Fast: 1400 words

You finally get a good night’s sleep and wake up in time for the continental breakfast. Write for 30 minutes while you eat breakfast. Then get ready to hit the road again.

You have a lot more driving to do today, and you want to get a good chunk of it out of the way. Write for an hour. If you hit the goal below, you arrive a bit tired but happy, and you can enjoy the rest of your day. If you don’t, something happened to your car on the way, and you were stuck in traffic. Keep writing until you hit the goal below.

Leisure: 1000 words

Moderate: 3000 words

Fast: 5000 words

You stop for lunch at a cute little diner. Write for 10 minutes while you wait for your food.

You pile back into the car and keep on driving. Write 3 percent of your current word count while you drive to your next destination.

You’ve had a fun couple of days, but now it’s time to go home. Write until you hit the next milestone below.

Leisure: the next 2,000 word milestone

Moderate: the next 5,000 word milestone

Fast: the next 10,000 word milestone

You finally arrive back at home. Write for 20 minutes while you unpack the car. If you hit the goal below, you get to crawl into bed and sleep. If you don’t, keep going until you do.

Leisure: 600 words

Moderate: 1500 words

Fast: 2000 words